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If God’s Story is true, then what does that mean for us today?

The River City Christian Community believes that the best thing we can do right now is to simply follow Jesus.  When God came to our world as Jesus the Messiah and began proclaiming the restoration and renewal of this world, he called everyone to turn away from their old way of life and follow him.  Jesus was showing us and calling us back to the way of life that God originally created for us.

That way of life is to trust God and live on mission together.

Trust God – God created us to walk with him in a trusting relationship.  We practice this relationship through times of prayer, reading scripture, and rest.

Live on Mission – God created us with a mission, to tend and watch over creation.  We continue to live with that intent by working for justice and welcoming others into this same lifestyle.

Together – God didn't create us to go about this alone.  We are to join together and help one another as we trust God and live on mission.  We do this through small groups of two or three who meet regularly for encouragement and accountability and as part of a church who meets regularly to connect with God and to serve their community.

Interested in exploring further what it means to follow Jesus?  We would be honored to walk with you on this journey.  Check out some possible next steps.




Our Rule of Life:

Trust God


Live on Mission