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Riverwalk Church of Christ, formerly the Central Church of Christ, in Wichita, Kansas is the principal supporting congregation of River City Christian Community.  Riverwalk has been working for the city of Wichita since the early 1900’s.  They have a heart for the poor and are actively working to help those in the city center.  This project was born out of their vision and service to residents of the Delano neighborhood near downtown. Riverwalk Church of Christ              

Mission Alive is a church planting resource organization that works to discover, equip, and nurture church planting leaders and churches to plant Christ-formed churches in North America.  For training, Mission Alive offers a church planters assessment, several church planting labs, coaching, and a community of church planters in which to grow and learn. Mission Alive helped to connect the Lewises and the Motts with the Riverwalk Church of Christ for this church planting. Mission Alive

Storyline Christian Community is a network of churches in Dallas, TX.  The Lewis family spent a year and a half with the Storyline Community as church planters in residence to continue their development as church planters and to discern their next steps in church planting.  Storyline has supported River City financially and as a resource for coaching.  Storyline Christian Community



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