God's Story

God is up to something, and what he’s up to started a long time ago.  The Bible tells the story of a God who created the world and everything in it.  And it was good – in fact, very good.  In that world there was a garden that God planted with all kinds of beautiful trees that produced good fruit.  That is where God place the first people, created in his image.  They were to trust and walk with God as they tended to and watched over the garden together.

But things didn’t quite work out that way.  The people broke trust with God and started living their own way and God’s good creation was cursed.  The people stopped tending and watching over the land and the land stopped producing for the people.  The people stopped helping each other and began to take advantage of each other.  And so God was forced to remove the people from the goodness of the garden.


The rest of the Bible tells the story of God working with people to forgive, heal, and restore this broken creation.  This story includes God leading a man named Abraham to a new land to start a new people called Israel.  The story continues when Israel becomes enslaved and God rescues them with mighty acts of power.  The story climaxes as Israel produces Jesus the Messiah, who was God in the flesh, born of a woman.  Israel does not recognize their God and with the help of the Roman Empire puts him to death by crucifixion.  However, in Jesus death, God is able to offer forgiveness to the world for their rebellion and broken trust.  And after three days in the tomb, Jesus is raised from the dead defeating the powers evil and initiating the restoration and renewal of the world.


One day he is coming to back to complete what was started in his resurrection.  The world and everything in it will be restored and renewed.  People will once again help each other, rather than take advantage of each other.  The land will once again produce for the people as they tend and watch over it.  And God himself will dwell there and walk with his people once more.


If this is true, then what is our response?



Our Rule of Life:

Trust God


Live on Mission