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Jesus modeled a lifestyle of trusting God.  Jesus trusted God with everything he did - the words he spoke, the things he did, and the places he went.   As we follow Jesus, River City Christian Community wants to imitate this lifestyle of trusting God.  We intentionally do this through the following spiritual practices:

Prayer - Prayer is an essential way in which we trust God.  Prayer is simply the act of communicating with God.  In prayer, we share our heart with God, trusting him with our praises, concerns, thanksgiving, anger, joys, and our sorrow.  In prayer, we give God the space through his Spirit to speak back into our heart words of encouragement, conviction, direction, and love.  It is the essence of our relationship with Him.  We spend time each week, together as churches and as followers of Jesus, in prayer with God, listening to him, sharing our thanks and concerns, and seeking direction in living on mission.  

Engaging Scripture - Jesus knew the scriptures, and Christian tradition tells us of the indespensible role that the Bible plays in the church.  The Bible reveals to us the grand story of God through history.  As we read scripture, we continually learn more about the nature of God and how he relates to humanity.  Scripture is an incredible source of wisdom for walking with God through life.  Through scripture we find encouragement, instruction, challenge, hope, and much more.  Our churches typically pick a set of scriptures to read throughout the week and discuss in our communion gatherings.

Rest - Scripture tells us that Jesus often withdrew to lonely places.  Jesus knew when to step back and take a break.  It was a regular part of his lifestyle.  Resting is a powerful way of trusting God.  It shows that we trust God to keep the world spinning and our lives from unraveling.  River City encourages everyone to make rest a regular part of their lives.  By rest, we mean something like letting your day off from work actually be a day off.  For a world that values busyness, productivity, and time, rest can seem counterproductive.  But as we follow Jesus into this rhythm of life, we are finding just the opposite.  We were made to rest.


Our Rule of Life:

Trust God


Live on Mission