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Jesus lived on mission.  He lived intentionally to accomplish the work for which God had sent him.  As we follow Jesus, River City Christian Community is committed to living on mission with God as well.  We do so primarily through the following spiritual practices:

Hospitality - Hospitality is literally the welcome of strangers.  So as a way of living on mission, Jesus models for us a lifestyle of welcoming people into a new way of life.  Practicing good hospitality involves a good balance of giving and receiving hospitality. Jesus accepted invitations to stay in other people's homes and to attend their parties.  He also called people to follow him and share in his lifestyle of mission.  For River City, this means making good friends with our neighbors and co-workers and accepting the invitations they give us into their lives.  It also means inviting people into our lives and offering them a taste of our lifestyle of living on mission.  We encourage everyone to intentionally practice giving and receiving hospitality on a weekly basis.

Justice - When we speak of justice we simply mean taking action for those who are hurt, broken, vulnerable, or in need.  Jesus spent a lot of time healing the sick, casting out demons, blessing children, and befriending the marginalized.  Following Jesus this way, we want to make a difference in people's lives in Wichita.  River City encourages eveyone to make a regular practice of working for justice.  This might be through volunteering with a local community service organization that helps the poor or mentors children, or it may just be befriending someone who has fallen through the cracks.  But we don't just want to be a collection of individuals who serve, we also envision working together to be able to address some of the bigger problems in our community.  We are always looking for more ways to serve and we always welcome anyone to serve with us as we work for justice. 



Our Rule of Life:

Trust God


Live on Mission