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When we look at the ministry of Jesus we see that he did not go it alone.  He had close group of three friends who were part of an intimate group of 12 disciples.  Those 12 disciples were part of larger group of 70 that joined Jesus in his lifestyle of mission.  As we follow Jesus, River City Christian Community seeks to imitate this dependence on community by living what we call "Together."  We intentionally do this through the following spiritual practices:
Communion - The earliest Christians met together at least weekly to eat together and remember Jesus.  Communion, the weekly gathering of our River City churches, is our attempt to follow in this tradition.  We call it communion because it is our weekly time to commune with each other and God.  We eat, talk about the Bible, and pray as we share life together in an informal, welcoming environment.  Our communion gatherings are open to anyone interested in participating.  If you are interested in meeting with us please contact us.

Formation - Jesus traveled around Israel proclaming a message of repentance.  He was calling people to turn from their old way of life and take up the lifestyle of the Kingdom of God.  We acknowledge that learning to live this lifestyle is a process.  We don't just decide to follow Jesus and become like him overnight.  We need a plan.  We need to practice.  And we need accountability.  River City practices formation by helping each person develop their own rule of life to trust God and live on mission together.  We also meet weekly in gender specific groups of 2-3 to reflect on our rule of life, for confession, and prayer.
Generosity - The early disciples were known for their generosity.  The Bible tells us that they shared all their possessions and often gave money to help those in need.  River City Christian Community wants to follow in the best of that tradition.  We expect our people to be generous.  We want them to give their time, their talents, and their money for the sake of the Kingdom of God.  Like all of our other spiritual practices, generosity needs to become a regular rhythm in our lives as we follow Jesus.


Our Rule of Life:

Trust God


Live on Mission